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    ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC) Meetings Hosted By GAPKINDO On 24 August 2019 In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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    In conjunction with the Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO) Annual Dinner that was held on 23rd August 2019, the ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC) had organized two meetings: 22nd Economics & Statistics Committee (ESC) and Sharing of information on Sustainable Development of Natural Rubber (NR) at Marriott Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 24th August 2019.

    The meeting helped provide a platform for members to exchange views of common issues pertaining to rubber trade matters that have an impact on all members. Among the important matters discussed in the ARBC meetings were natural rubber (NR) statistics, prices, market outlook, international trade matters as well as the administrative matters of the organisation.

    The meetings were hosted by GAPKINDO and attended by representatives from association members of ARBC such as Thai Rubber Association (TRA), Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA), Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS), Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia (ARDC) and Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE)/Federation of the Rubber Trade Associations of Malaysia (FRTAM). MRE which is a Unit under Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) is a permanent secretariat for ARBC.