The ASEAN RUBBER BUSINESS COUNCIL (henceforth referred to as the Council) was established on 1 January 2005. The Council was formerly known as the ASEAN Rubber Business Club, founded on 23 October 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia under the sponsorship of four natural rubber producing and trading organizations in the ASEAN region, namely the Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO); the Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE) /the Federation of the Rubber Trade Associations of Malaysia (FRTAM); the Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS); and the Thai Rubber Association (TRA). The membership of the Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA) was approved at the 36th Meeting of the ASEAN Rubber Business Club on 9 October 2004. The membership of the Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia (ARDC) was approved by the Council at its 5th ARBC meeting held on 16 September 2006. The membership of the Myanmar Rubber Planters & Producers Association (MRPPA) was approved by the Council on 24 September 2020.

    1. Name, Secretariat And Membership

    1.1  The name of the Council is the ASEAN Rubber Business Council.

    1.2  The Council will maintain such Secretariat as it may deem necessary.

    1.3  Membership is on organizational (not individual) basis. Additional members will be admitted through unanimous approval from all of the present members. A list of member organizations of the Council is as per Annex.

    1.4  Membership of the Council is open to organizations within the ASEAN region whose members are engaged in the production or marketing of natural rubber and all other organizations as approved by the members of the Council.


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    2. Objects of the Council

    2.1  The objects of the Council are:

       2.1.1   To establish a forum for members to freely and frankly exchange views on matters of mutual interest.

       2.1.2   To establish closer rapport through exchanges of market information, trade visits, organizing of seminars and marketing forum to broaden the outlook and enhance the professionalism of members.

       2.1.3   To consult and discuss common trade practices and problems with a view to reach consensus and eventually influence the respective governments to make the necessary policy and strategy adjustments for the common good of the members.

       2.1.4   To monitor the progress and development of the natural rubber industry in member countries, to foster closer co-ordination, co-operation and goodwill amongst member organizations.

       2.15  To maintain an Executive Committee within the Council to decide on administrative and financial matters.

       2.1.6   To maintain an Economics and Statistics Committee to be responsible for trade matters and the collection, analysis and dissemination of market information and statistics


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    3. Chairmanship and Secretariat

    3.1   Every Chairman/President of the member organization assumes the Chairmanship of the Council for two consecutive years. The chairmanship is then rotated to the other members in alphabetical order once every two years.

    3.2   The changeover of the chairmanship will be conducted at the last meeting of the Council in any calendar year.

    3.3   The Secretariat of the Council shall be the MRE/FRTAM

    4. Members' Obligations

    4.1   Each member of the Council must be legally constituted in its country of domicile.

    4.2   Any new member of the Council shall pay an entrance fee, which shall become due immediately upon admission.

    4.3   Members shall contribute on an equal-sharing basis, an amount agreed to be the income needed for the proper working of the Council. The amount shall become due on the first day of each new calendar year.

    4.4   The amount payable under 4.2 and 4.3 above shall be decided by the members of the Council.

    4.5   The members of the Council shall have the right to increase or decrease the amount as and when it deems necessary.

    4.6   Any member whose contribution under article 4.3 is in arrears for a year shall, unless the Council otherwise decides, cease to be a member until all arrears plus contributions for the current year have been paid.

    4.7   All monies due from members shall be paid to the Council in convertible currencies.

    4.8   The annual budget shall be proposed by the Secretariat not less than two months before the commencement of the ensuing budget year. The budget year shall correspond to the calendar year.

    5. Finance Rules

    5.1   The financial year shall run from 1st January to 31st December.

    5.2   A banking account in the name of the ASEAN Rubber Business Council shall be opened in the country of the member organization appointed to serve as the Secretariat.

    5.3   The banking account shall be operated on by cheques signed by two authorized signatories. The signatories shall include the Secretary-General, the Chairman and/or President of the member organization(s) appointed to serve as the Secretariat of the Council, and any other person authorized by the members. In the case of cheques of the value above RM1,000 or equivalent, the signature of either the Chairman or the President of the member organization appointed to serve as the Secretariat of the Council or any person whom he/she designates shall be required. In the case of Malaysia, the Chairman and President of the member organizations or any person whom he/she designates can become co-signatories.

    5.4   All monies received shall be promptly deposited in the Bank.

    5.5   The Secretariat shall have an imprest account for petty cash payments. The balance of this account shall not at any time exceed RM500.00 or equivalent.

    5.6   The member organization appointed as Secretariat of the Council shall be responsible for appointing auditors to the Council.

    5.7   The Secretariat shall be responsible for drawing up and submitting to the members of the Council not later than the 30th June each year a provisional budget for the following year.

    5.8   The Secretariat shall circulate to the members of the Council an annual statement of accounts certified by the Chairman of the member organization appointed to serve as the Secretariat of the Council and the Auditors.

    5.9   Except for the Secretary-General of the Council, the travelling and subsistence expenses of members attending meetings of the Council shall not be a charge on the funds of the Council.

    6. Functions of the Secretariat

    6.1   The functions of the Secretariat shall be as follows:

       6.1.1   to co-ordinate the views of members on issues affecting the interest of the rubber industry;

       6.1.2   to execute and/or follow-up on the discussion/desires of the meetings;

       6.1.3   to provide the necessary link between members;

       6.1.4   to make preparation for all meetings of the Council, Executive Committee and Economics and Statistics Committee and to service such meetings;

       6.1.5   to maintain liaison and to consult with International Organizations whose work is of interest to the Council; and

       6.1.6   to administer the finances of the Council in accordance with the Finance Rules.


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    7. Council Meetings

    7.1   The Council shall meet at least twice a year during the Annual Dinner of the host organization. Additional meetings can be arranged as and when necessary if unanimously agreed by all members.

    7.2   The Council meeting expenses will be assumed by the hosting member organization.

    7.3   The Executive Committee shall meet as and when necessary and when the Council is not in session.

    7.4   The Economics and Statistics Committee shall meet at least twice a year to coincide with the Annual Dinner of the host organization. Additional meetings can be arranged as and when necessary without the consent of the Council.

    8. General Provisions

    8.1   Any organization eligible for membership which ratifies the Constitution of the Council and had registered its instrument of approval, acceptance or accession shall become a member of the Council. Existing members of the Council are deemed to have ratified the Constitution and registered their approval and acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Council.

    8.2   Any member may withdraw from the Council by giving written notice of its intention to withdraw to the Secretariat, and such .

    8.3   Members of the Council may amend the Constitution of the Council. Notice of any amendment shall be circulated by the Secretariat to all members not less than a month prior to the meeting of the Council.


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    (As of at 19 January 2021)

    CAMBODIA The Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia (ARDC)
    No. 17, St. 334
    Sangkat Boeung Keng Khan 1
    Khan Chamkar Mom
    Phnom Penh City

    Tel. : + 855 17 555 533
    Fax : + 855 23 884 658
    E-mail :

    INDONESIA Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO)
    Jalan Cideng Barat 62A
    P.O. Box 2572
    Jakarta 10150

    Tel.: + 62 (0) 21 350 1510, 350 1511, 384 6813
    Fax: + 62 (0) 21 384 6811, 350 0368

    MALAYSIA Federation of the Rubber Trade Associations of Malaysia (FRTAM)
    4th Floor, 138, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee
    50000 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel.: + 60 (0) 3 2078 8114
    Fax: + 60 (0) 3 2070 0640

    Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE)
    c/o Malaysian Rubber Board
    4th Floor, Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
    148, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
    P.O. Box 10508, 50716 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel.: + 60 (0) 3 9206 2091 / 2092
    Fax: + 60 (0) 3 2161 6586

    MYANMAR Myanmar Rubber Planters & Producers Association (MRPPA)
    No. 29, 10th Floor, UMFCCI Tower
    Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road , Lanmadaw
    11131 Yangon

    Tel.: + (951) 230 1582 / 959 5011980, 959 5012007, 959 5118927
    Fax: + (951) 2301582

    SINGAPORE Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS)
    101 Cecil Street
    #24 -12 Tong Eng Building
    SINGAPORE 069533

    Tel.: + 65 6227 1536
    Fax: + 65 6224 3169

    THAILAND Thai Rubber Association (TRA)
    45 – 47, Chotivithayakun 3 Road
    Hatyai, Songkhla 90110

    Tel.: + 66 (0) 74 429 011 – 2 /429 311
    Fax: + 66 (0) 74 429 312
    Website :

    VIETNAM Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA)
    236, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St., Dist. 3
    Ho Chi Minh City

    Tel.: + (84) 28 3932 2605
    Fax: + (84) 28 3932 0372
    Website :