Executive Committee (EXCO)

    Term of Reference:

    To decide on administrative and financial matters when the Assembly is not in session.

    Economics and Statistics Committee (ESC)

    Term of Reference:

    1. To collect, analyze and disseminate market information and statistics and to present these to the Assembly for consideration and adoption;
    2. To consider trade-related issues affecting member countries, and to make recommendations to the Assembly for adoption;
    3. To set up sub-committees on specific issues, as and when necessary.

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    Industry Discipline Committee (IDC)


    1. To achieve a healthy business relationship between buyers and sellers of natural rubber, thereby helping to promote a conducive environment for a healthy growth of rubber trade;
    2. To achieve stable conditions in rubber trade through upholding the sanctity of contracts and the traditional business ethics of the industry;
    3. To take steps in the event of a non-performance of contract to restrict or restrain the errant party;
    4. To improve co-operation between buyers and sellers and/or organisations through consultations on trade matters affecting contract performance.

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    Technical Committee on Contract Matters (TCCM)

    Terms of Reference: 

    1. To study any technical issues arising from the international and related contracts and to recommend measures for adoption to overcome them; and
    2. To exchange views on the issues and challenges relating to the technicalities of a contract and its impact on the NR trade and industry.

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